Distracted driving at hand in most on-the-job vehicle accidents

Published: 2/22/22 (Tue)

The following article summary of was shared in the NDPIA's Feb. 21, 2022, Insider e-Newsletter: 

Distracted driving accounted for 74% of vehicle accidents on the job, while speeding was a factor in 31% of on-the-job incidents, according to workforce platform and software provider Motus. Driving under the influence was the third leading cause of on-the-job vehicle accidents, playing a factor in 18% of accidents. While distracted driving leads to more on-the-job accidents, speeding is more common. The latter’s impact on work-related vehicle crashes is relatively low compared to off-the-job incidents (involving a company vehicle), in which speed is a contributing factor nearly 70% of the time. When it comes to off-the-clock accidents in a work vehicle, alcohol comes into play 82% of the time, while distracted driving impacts just 26% of these types of incidents. Motus noted in its report that while discouraging the use of mobile devices among workers should be an easy step in reducing risk, at times, upper management will argue that salespeople should be engaging clients on sales calls and teleconferences during long drives. This effectively “encourages more screen time,” the report stated.

This article was first shared on April 30, 2021, on NU Property Casualty 360's website. Click here to read the article on NU Property Casualty 360's website. 

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