LocalGovU: Local Government Training Courses and Custom Training Curriculums

Published: 7/28/21 (Wed)

LocalGovU is our online training platform that offers over 2,500 local government training courses at no cost to NDIRF members.

Course topics include: HR Development, General Safety, Equipment Safety, Law Enforcement, Information Technology, EEOC and Employment Law, Roadway and Highway, Schools and Educational, and many more!

Register Today

To browse course offerings and enroll in courses, please complete the following registration steps:

  1. Visit www.NDIRF.com>Training.
  2. Click on the Sign In for Training button.
  3. Click on the Register here link.
  4. Enter your information and click on the Join Now button. 

You will immediately receive an email to confirm your registration information has been received.

Within 24 to 48 hours of submitting your registration, you will receive a second email to confirm your registration has been approved, and you can proceed with creating a username and password for LocalGovU. 

Employees who want to browse course offerings and enroll in courses must complete the registration process. There is no limit to the number of courses employees can take or the number of employees who register for the site. 

Once you are logged into the site, you can browse course offerings by clicking on the Course Catalog tab to view courses by topics or enter a term into the Search function.

When you find a course you’re interested in taking, click on its link to view the Course Details and click on the Start Course button to begin. 

If you become interrupted while taking a course, LocalGovU will automatically resume your training at the spot you left off upon logging into your account. 

You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion upon completing your course.  

Become an Administrator to Build a Training Curriculum and Assign Courses

LocalGovU is an easy and free way to jumpstart your entity’s training initiatives. 

Through LocalGovU’s Administration Portal, you can build training curriculums and assign courses to employees. Emails are automatically sent via the portal to employees to instruct them to complete the assigned training in LocalGovU. 

Contact our Director of Member Services Corey Olson today at Corey.Olson@ndirf.com or (701) 751-9107 to become a LocalGovU Administrator. 

Given the variety of courses offered within LocalGovU, you can build broad training curriculums that include courses all your entity’s employees should complete (Anti-harassment, cybersecurity, preventing accidents in the workplace, etc.) as well as specific training curriculums per department. 

For example, you can build a specific curriculum for your Highway Department by selecting courses in topics such as Roadway and Highway, Transit and Fleet Operations, and General Safety. 


If you have any questions about LocalGovU, contact our Director of Member Services Corey Olson at Corey.Olson@ndirf.com or (701) 751-9107.

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