Our Most Frequent Claim Type and How to Prevent It

Published: 12/21/21 (Tue)

The following information was provided by our Director of Claims Keith Pic, CPCU, CIC

The NDIRF’s most frequent claim type is drivers backing up into structures or other vehicles, resulting in damage to someone else’s property as well as your political subdivision’s vehicle. Aside from the inconvenience of having to obtain repair estimates and make alternative transportation plans while the vehicle is being repaired, this claim type can be expensive. On average, our members have paid $2,131 per accident in 2021.

To help your political subdivision prevent this claim type, here are two tips:

Offer Regular Training

The NDIRF provides free in-person and online defensive driving courses (DDC) through our partnership with the National Safety Council. Our free online training platform LocalGovU also offers several courses, including Advanced Defensive Driving Techniques and Winter Driving Safety. Contact our Director of Member Services Corey Olson at Corey.Olson@ndirf.com or (701) 751-9107 to take advantage of these training opportunities.

Review Your Risk Management Program

A phrase commonly used in the insurance industry is “frequency leads to severity.” If your political subdivision repeatedly experiences auto claims, the chance is greater you’ll experience a severe claim of this nature in the future. When you review your risk management program, consider the required steps employees take before they operate one of your political subdivision’s vehicles or operate their own vehicle over the course of their employment. Further, consider the steps you take following an accident to prevent one from occurring in the future. Post-accident reviews are a quick and easy way to learn from past claims, and to help prevent future claims.

If An Accident Happens

The NDIRF strives to provide quick, efficient, and fair claims service. Collecting and providing us with as much information early in the process is essential to ensure your political subdivision is quickly made whole following a loss. In addition to providing us with information regarding your political subdivision’s vehicle, driver, and accident facts, it is also important to collect the other driver’s information if a third party is involved. We ask that you provide us with the other driver’s name, address, and phone number along with the other loss information as quickly as possible.

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