Prevent Pipe Freeze

Published: 12/28/21 (Tue)

As the North Dakota State Fire and Tornado Fund administrator, we track the frequency and severity of all claims to determine how they affect the Fund’s bottom line and provide educational resources to help you mitigate and prevent these claim types.

With their freezing temperatures and snow and ice, North Dakota winters can be harsh, especially on pipes. Frozen pipes can prevent employees and visitors in your buildings from having access to water, and they can also lead to pipe damage and pipe bursts, which can result in hefty water damage.

Here are some ways to prevent pipe damage at your property(ies):

  • Properly insulate buildings and pipes
  • Seal any cold air leaks or openings
  • Drain pipes unused during winter months (ex. irrigation systems)
  • Keep building temperatures consistent, at or above 55 degrees
  • Create a schedule to regularly check temperatures and water flow at vacant buildings
  • Install alarm systems that emit signal if a freeze or leak is detected

If you experience a pipe leak or burst, you must first take action to prevent further damage. Once further damage has been contained, you can submit a claim.

Click here to review how to submit a claim.

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