Director of Member Services Corey Olson stands at the front of a large classroom in filled with people sitting in chars at tables placed throughout the room.

NDIRF Sponsors Blue to Gold Law Enforcement Training

Bismarck, N.D. – The North Dakota Insurance Reserve Fund (NDIRF) provided sponsorships for North Dakota law enforcement to attend a five-day Blue to Gold POST certified training conference from April 29-May 3 at the Public Works Facility in Dickinson (N.D.). The conference was hosted by the Southwest Crime Conference (Dickinson, N.D.), a North Dakota law enforcement training organization, and offered courses in advanced search and seizure, advanced traffic stops, advanced criminal investigations, report writing, and courtroom testimony.

Blue to Gold is a nationally recognized law enforcement training provider that offers “high-energy training that is relevant and relatable to every street officer” (accessed May 13, 2024, from The training provider strives to “translate essential doctrines into language that officers can easily understand and apply in their daily work” (accessed May 13, 2024, from and to support effective decision-making and reduce costly legal errors (www.BluetoGold, 2024).

The conference attracted 102 local government law enforcement officers.

“All officers who attended felt they learned numerous things that could help them do their jobs better and reduce and prevent liability in the course of their duties,” Dickinson Police Department Detective and Southwest Crime Conference Secretary/Treasurer Tiffany Whinery said. “We appreciate the NDIRF’s support. We would not have been able to host this event without their help.”

The NDIRF offers liability, auto, and public assets coverages to North Dakota’s local governments, including cities and counties that provide law enforcement services. As the source of risk services for its local government members, the NDIRF seeks partnerships with training associations and organizations to help its members continually enhance their risk management operations.

“Providing law enforcement training helps to foster a culture of safety, accountability, and preparedness, ensuring both the protection of its members and the community they serve,” NDIRF Director of Member Services Corey Olson said.

Photo: NDIRF Director of Member Services Corey Olson addresses day-one attendees at the Southwest Crime Conference’s Blue to Gold Training, held April 29-May 3, 2024, at the Public Safety Center in Dickinson (N.D.).