Report a Claim

If an incident occurs at your entity that may result in a claim, be sure to report it to your local agent and the NDIRF Claims Department as soon as possible.

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To report an NDIRF liability, auto, or public assets claim:

  1. Contact your local agent
  2. Provide your agent with detailed information and documentation about the claim or incident
  3. Provide your agent with a contact name and number

Your agent will complete and submit a loss/incident report (below) and all pertinent claim documentation to

Loss/incident reports:

To report a North Dakota Fire & Tornado claim:

  • NDIRF Local Government Members: Work with your local agent to report an NDFT claim.
  • State Agencies: Report claims directly to the NDIRF by completing and submitting the NDFT Property Loss Report and all pertinent claim documentation to

To report a State Bonding Fund claim:

Complete and submit a Notice of Claim form and all pertinent claim documentation to

Additional Information

Claims are received and reviewed by the NDIRF’s in-house claims team, and an NDIRF adjuster is assigned to each claim. The adjuster contacts within one business day the Claim Contact listed on the corresponding claim’s loss/incident report.

Click here to view a step-by-step How to Report a Claim guide.

Summons and Complaints

If your first loss notice is the service of a Summons and Complaint, include a copy of the document with the report you submit to the NDIRF.

*A Summons and Complaint must be responded to within 21 days from the date it’s served. Failure to respond within this timeframe may result in a judgment being filed.