NDIRF to Lead HR Collaborative Program for Local Government

HR Collaborative logo, featuring a teal "H" that swoops and fades into a green "R". Below the HR letters is Collaborative in teal.

Bismarck, ND – The North Dakota Insurance Reserve Fund (NDIRF) is proud to announce as of Jan. 1, 2023, it leads the HR Collaborative for Local Government (HR Collaborative), a program that aims to strengthen human resource management within North Dakota local governments by providing relevant and affordable training and resources to meet the specific needs of local government HR professionals. The NDIRF named Joanna Drennen as the program’s Executive Director.

Since its inception in August 2008, the HR Collaborative has provided human resource management training and resources to more than 800 North Dakota local government HR departments through its biennial conference and virtual workshop series as well as its website (www.hrndgov.org) which features a comprehensive HR Reference Guide.

The HR Collaborative’s success is the result of hard work by consultant Kathy Hogan and members of the program’s technical and executive committees. Hogan brought forward the idea for the HR Collaborative to become an NDIRF program in July 2022, referring to it as a natural fit within the NDIRF’s risk management services. She also shared the program’s strong member engagement and continued growth would help to ensure a smooth transition.

“For many years, the HR Collaborative has provided incredibly valuable human resource management training and resources to North Dakota local governments, and we’re honored and excited to continue the program’s legacy,” shared NDIRF CEO Brennan Quintus. “From an NDIRF perspective, by providing accessible and related training that supports our members’ enhanced understanding and proficiency of the unique and, at times, challenging arena of local government HR policies and procedures, it was really a no-brainer for us to agree to lead this program.”

The HR Collaborative was formed through a grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation and in partnership with the North Dakota Association of Counties, North Dakota League of Cities, North Dakota School Boards Association, North Dakota Recreation and Park Association, and the North Dakota Insurance Reserve Fund. Representatives from these associations who serve on the technical committee will remain integral to the success of the program.

The NDIRF will continue to provide the HR Collaborative’s existing human resource management training and resources as well as implement new initiatives, including increased content development and an updated website and online presence.